Research & Publications

Sucuoglu,C., Kobaş,B. (2018) Tourists of Istanbul. A data-based exploration of the tourists and the touristic potential of İstanbul. Hurriyet Newspaper, April 2018. The article has reached to approximately 150.000 readers online. ( 

Sucuoglu,C., Kobaş,B. (2018) How to be successful in Social Media. A data-based guide for all aspiring Instagram stars. Hurriyet Newspaper, April 2018The article has reached to approximately 150.000 readers online.( 

Ensari, E., Kobas, B., Sucuoglu, C. (2017) Computational Decision Support for an Airport Complex Roof Design: A case study of evolutionary optimization for daylight provision and overheating prevention. CAAD Futures 2017, July 14, 2017, İstanbul.

Ensari, E., Brevik, H., Sucuoglu, C. (2015) The challenge of conflict-affected cities: Building peace through architecture and urban design, Conference:  International Studies Association Annual Convention, At Atlanta, USA, Volume: 57.

Recent Lectures & Workshops

BIM and Beyond Symposium, From BIM to CIM: Urban Data and information Systems, İstanbul, 2018

İstanbul Building Fair, Designing by Data, Istanbul, 2018

Trialog Annual Conference 2017 : Mapping Space and Action, presentation of “Democratic allocation of public resources, analyzed through location-based data visualization.”, Berlin, 2017.

Die Technische Universität München (TUM) Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, Graduate workshop on location-based data mining, Munich, 2017.

 “Innovation in Design: Design and Data” Talk in Soho House İstanbul, İstanbul, 2017.

CAADFutures 2017 presentation of “Parametric Optimization of the Çukurova Airport Roof Structure”, İstanbul, 2017. 

İstanbul BIMgenius Meetup, presentation of “Designing a city with Yemeksepeti” (a food delivery service in Turkey which was among the several sources of Geo-tagged urban data set presented), İstanbul, 2017.

PechaKucha Eskişehir, presentation on geo-tagged data and usage in understanding urban environments, Eskişehir, 2017.

10th Computational Design in Architecture Symposium, presentation of “the Parametric Optimization of the Çukurova Airport Roof Structure”, İstanbul, 2016.