The Laboratory of Integrated Archaeological Visualization and Heritage (LIAVH) makes connections between technology, archaeological data management, and heritage practice. Utilizing non-invasive forms of data collection in order to develop data visualization tools that enable spatial and temporal research, the LIAVH connects multidimensional archaeological information to 3-D models. M_LAB is the inaugural project that locates itself in the ancient third millennium BCE city of Mohenjo-Daro Pakistan.


Building on the research that Dr. Rizvi has been doing and relying on the capabilities of Can Sucuoglu the director of the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) the research will be transformed by the digitization of historical data, creation of 4D models using non-invasive data capture technology and innovative neighborhood analysis methods.

MJD_SD_uzma photo_01

Analog Data Collection/Data Mining

During Phase I, the team will work on identifying and collecting all artifactual, infrastructural, and architectural data (spatial and temporal) from the site of Mohenjo-Daro. This will include analog data in books and reports as well as any existing digital spatial data. This includes archival research and non published materials. 

Digitizing data and Creating Spatial DataGuatemala_02

There is no viable OCR (optical character recognition) currently able to process the early (1920s) excavation reports and documents. Therefore, during the first two years, the team will work on transcribing and digitizing any available existing data in order to develop the spatial database. 


Data Architecture Development

The team will be working on developing mechanisms and processes by which archaeological data can be stored in a spatial database. This is a critical piece of the project because the data architecture must be designed to enable and facilitate spatial analysis/linkages to the spatial analytical tool.

logoResearch and Publication

The team will be developing new research questions based on the visualization of spatial data. Each year, we will aim to publish an article reflecting different aspects of the years’ work in/as open access publications.



Mohenjo-Daro by Uzma Rizvi

Maya Project , Guatemala LiDAR
Image Courtesy Wild Blue Media / National Geographic

Mohenjo-Daro Site from Google Earth