Jessie Braden’s Research


Widder, L., Ko, J., Braden, J., Steinfeld, K. 2016. Spatial Behaviors of Individuals in Cities: Case Studies in Data Tracking and Scaling. In Proceedings of the Second International Conference on IoT in Urban Space (Urb-IoT ’16), pp. 221-244. ACM, New York, NY, USA.


Braden, J. (SAVI). 2016-present. Mapping NYC 2000-2050, Future City Lab Gallery, New York at Its Core Exhibit. Client: Museum of the City of New York.

Braden, J. (SAVI). 2017: Mapping Displacement in East New York, Brooklyn. Client: Center for New York City Neighborhoods.

Braden, J. (SAVI). 2017. CreateNYC: A Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers (with Hester Street). Client: New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Braden, J. (SAVI). 2014-2016. ToxiCity Map. Client: Neighbors Allied for Good Growth.


Braden, J. 2017, April. Opening the Bin Workshop: New Perspectives on Waste, Culture, and Society. Studies on Eating, Moving and Wasting in New York City. With research collaborators Lynnette Widder (Columbia University) and Joy Koy (Rhode Island School of Design).

Braden, J. 2017, March. APA New York Metro SRC. Big Data, Urban Data. GIS in the New Data World.

Braden, J. 2016, October. GISMO, Map Mosaic: From Queens to the World, GISMO Exhibit and Forum. Storytelling with Maps and Design.

Braden, J. 2016, September. AIA New York Design Conference. Panel: People-Centric Built Environment: A Collaboration of Architecture and Social Science. Presentation: Data for Architecture: Changing Applications.

Braden, J. 2016, March. NYC School of Data, Citizen Science Session. Community Uses of Open Data.

Braden, J. 2015, September. Design Modelling Symposium Copenhagen 2015. Master class workshop: Large-scale Data Flows<->Small-scale Human Behaviors, Tracking and Modelling Urban Data and Flows. With research collaborators Lynnette Widder (Columbia University), Joy Koy (Rhode Island School of Design), Kyle Steinfeld (University of California at Berkeley).

Braden, J. 2012, February. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Two Decades of Change in New York City Greenspace. With research collaborators Christopher Small (Columbia University) and Jacqueline Lu (NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation).